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Lavender Shower Gel

Showering with our lavender essential oil infused products, allows your body to be cleansed and invigorated naturally. Does not contain harmful DEAs or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.


Lavender Bubble Bath

Melt your hard day away with our organic handmade bubble bath! Close your eyes and enjoy the subtle aroma of a blooming lavender field.


Lavender Body Lotion

Luxury in a bottle, vitamin E-rich, blended with Avocado and Lavender, rehydration cream, botanical nourishment, restore your skin's beauty naturally. Blended with perfume-grade lavender essential oil, enjoy the benefits from nature’s active botanicals, and the subtle aroma of a blooming lavender field.


Gardener's Hand Cream

Re-juvenates tired hands. Made with lavender essential oil, beeswax and borax, just how grandma would like it. 120mL Tub.


Sleepy Pillow Spray

A gentle spray of your bed linens before bedtime will help you relax, de-stress and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.


Lavender Eye Mask
Size: 8.5" x 2.5"
Cotton fabrics, double stitched and filled with lavender buds and flax to be used to soothe away eye strain. Just warm in microwave for 10 seconds (or cool in freezer) and lie back and place over your eyes. Relax!